Terry Myers Reach Review

Posted on: Feb 05 2013

With Valentines Day around the corner I thought it would be the right time to share a gift idea that won’t fail to inspire the rare and exceptional, “level 4” bedroom romance.  The gift is Ross’s 8134-4 Reach.  So your sweetie is an expert spey caster and already has 17 rods, this rod should be added to the quiver for the sheer fun of throwing sparks.  Classy and lightweight, you can load it up for long or short casts with loops as tight as a tick.  If this is a gift for an intermediate caster, this rod will give them the confidence to surge forward in their casting endeavors, never looking back.  It they are first timers, be careful when presenting this rod.  The friendly, approachable nature of this rod will have them so distractedly addicted to spey casting, you may find yourself longing for the days when there was someone at home to greet you with the bills paid and dinner on the table.
Able to take tips, versatile enough for a Skagit or classic line, this agile little rod can be depended on to handle big fish with resolve.  Loaded with Scientific Anglers 6/7wt. mid-head Spey Evolution line, it’s a match like ma and pa spoonnin’ on a cold winter’s night. 
This Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to put a Ross Reach in your loved one’s hands and share the love.

Terry Myers

Ross / SA Pro Staff

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