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Hart-Montgomery Outdoor Sales represents Badlands in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, Oregon and Washington

Badlands started out making the finest mountaineering packs in the world. The company back then was called Vortex.  Eventually, Bill Crawley, founder, designer, climber, and skier, grew tired of eating granola, and declared, “I’ve got to kill something to eat!” and Badlands was born. Not many brands have devoted customers that love the brand so much that they tattoo the logo on their body.  Badlands tattoos are one of the most popular tramp stamps!

Warranty: “We will fix it for free forever”.  Badlands doesn’t care if you took the pack off of a vagabond sleeping under an overpass: if there is a stitch coming undone, a tear, a problem, they will fix it for free.  Forever.

Badlands is now making the best camo layered apparel systems in the world of hunting.  Anti-microbial, scent-fighting, sweat-wicking, super warm layered clothing systems that are as high-tech as their famous packs.  If need be, you can sleep very comfortably under that overpass.

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