New 4x Scent Containment Clothing Systems Available Now

Posted on: Jan 15 2013

Badland's new line of scent reduction clothing is available now!  All of the new 4x clothing is coated silver.   


Silver has been known for centuries to attack and destroy microbes and bacteria. Silver is used by many companies because it is a very effective form of scent reduction, however Badlands is the first company to apply silver to both the inside and outside layers of their clothing.  

In the areas where our bodies produce the most scent, bamboo and coffee fabrics are used with the silver to neautralize more scent.  Then in the the areas where scent escapes this system, they line the cuffs and collars with bamboo and coffee fabrics to "scrub" the scent as it vents away from your body.  Now they can't see you or smell you!




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