The OSG Commander has been redesigned for more comfort and versatility on fishing adventures. The stern now has an IGS pocket for an anchor or motor mount and the bow has more room to accommodate fins. The Commander is 10' long and 47" wide for a stable ride as you glide over rolling waves down a river. The low profile design helps the boat navigate in windy conditions. At just 32 lbs., this kayak-style frameless boat is easy to travel and pack to any destination. The Commander features an open cockpit for fin kicking, oars that stow away for casting, plenty of room in the back for gear, a comfortable seat, and IGS sleeves on both sides to attached pockets and rod holder mounts. The OSG Commander can get you to those tough-access fishing holes on both still and moving water.

  • Length:  10'
  • Width:  47"
  • Weight:  35 lbs.
  • Tube Diameter:  12"
  • Valve Type:  Summit II
  • Base Fabric Denier:  1000 pvc
  • AIREcell Material:  Urethane
  • Number of Chambers:  2
  • Load Capacity:  475 lbs.
  • Warranty:  OSG 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • PAC Oars:  N/A
  • Color:  Gray/Orange

Retail $999.00

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