Badlands Launches NEW Bino Harnesses

Posted on: May 31 2023

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As one of the originators of the chest-mounted bino harness revolution, Badlands helped hunters and outdoors folk protect their expensive optics while also keeping them ready to use in an instant. Now, Badlands has upped the ante with a line of completely redesigned binocular cases for hunters.

Why use a chest-mounted case for hunting? Because there are a ton of advantages.

Unlike the neck strap that comes with most binoculars, bino harnesses don’t let the optic swing freely, provide padding and armor, protect from the elements and dust, and never get in your way when traversing rough terrain or climbing a ladder into a stand.

We talked with hunting guides, our pro staff and customers like you to find out what worked in previous models and what y’all wanted to see in the next generation. The results are here, and are spectacular (if we say so ourselves).

Modular Binocular Harnesses

Modularity is the theme with this new line of bino harnesses, and hunters and other outdoor-observation folks can build out their kit to meet their exact needs. A new side wing system gives users a more stable base to mount any accessory, pocket or pouch. Quick and easy attachment points maintain all the comfort Badlands is known for, but with enhanced customization and loadout options.

One of the most sought-after upgrades by consumers has been a modified lid system. The newly designed lids stay open when preferred and eliminate the magnetic snap of a lid accidentally flipping shut. In addition, attachment point panels are now installed on the side and bottom, maximizing the amount of real estate to connect gear.

Across the board, the new bino harnesses feature an upgraded suspension system and harness, which increases airflow and breathability through state-of-the-art stretch mesh and less traditional fabric. All our bino cases are also compatible with the Razco chest holster system, allowing for a handgun to be part of the chest kit.

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