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Hart Montgomery represents Ross in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

Ross Reels, the #1 selling fly reel in the USA, has received more “Awards in Excellence" for innovation, dependability, and performance than any other fly tackle manufacturer in the world.  Now owned by The Mayfly Group, (Abel) ross will have many new exciting resources, along with a new focus from the number one reel design team in the world!

Ross USA Reels are still built at the factory in Montrose, Colorado, by skilled machinists, every reel is built to be guide tough: in-other-words, they are built to be sexy and light, but also built to be dependable and bomb-proof.  That’s the reason you see so many Ross reels in many a guide’s drift boat.


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Fishing in the salt is a grueling endeavor. The conditions are tough, and the  sh can be even tougher; so we developed the Evolution R Salt to stand up to anything the sea can throw at it.
  The R Salt builds on the foundation of its smaller sibling, but instead of the Evolution R’s 7-disc system, it features a supercharged 16-disc sealed drag system comprised of stainless steel and carbon fluoropolymer, producing nearly 30 pounds of drag pressure. Also an industry  rst, the R Salt features two smaller counterbalances on the spool - this innovative design reduces mass and creates perfect, vibration-free performance when line is being ripped off the spool on long runs.
This exceptional braking power is housed in a lightweight, yet incredibly strong frame and spool that is based on the Evolution R’s unique design. The large, frame-integrated drag knob allows for easy on-the-fly adjustments with just the palm of your hand during long  ghts with oversized quarry. The R Salt geometry is reinforced throughout, yielding an incredibly rugged, yet elegant reel that performs in the most challenging of environments.
All of this comes together to create a  shing tool with a power-to-weight ratio never before seen in a saltwater fly reel, making the R Salt the most unique, best performing reel per dollar of any on the water today.

Retail $595 - $795



Machining a fly reel is as much art as it is skill. Just as a perfect loop flying over the water is a thing of beauty crafted by the caster, the Evolution R is the culmination of our engineers’ and machinists’ artistic and technical prowess.
The Evolution R is not only lightweight, but also incredibly rigid and durable, with a unique geometry that is as functional as it is stylish. The innovative shape of the ultra-large arbor spool is engineered to force the even winding of the line across the face of the spool as it is retrieved - something never before seen in a fly reel.
The new drag design is also an industry  rst: a fully sealed, bonded carbon fluoropolymer and stainless steel interface that delivers smooth power in a lightweight, compact package. Start up inertia is virtually non-existent to protect the most delicate of tippet. The Evolution R’s extremely wide range of brake adjustment also manages to produce some of the highest drag pressure found in a fly reel.
This all is controlled by a subtle yet striking, frame- integrated drag knob that blends perfectly into the form of the reel. Its solid grip allows for easy manipulation of settings - even while wearing gloves. Couple this with the canvas phenolic handle,  rst introduced by Ross Reels, the on-the-water functionality of the Evolution R is second to none.

Retail $455 - $495



NEW!  The water moving around the rocks and in the riffles. The  sh rising in front of you. The cast. The fly. That glorious take. This is what inspired us while designing the newest (and lightest) member of the Ross Reels family, the Colorado LT. It’s simplicity at its finest: when you are able to focus on everything except your equipment.

Harkening back to the Colorado, our original click and pawl reel, the new Colorado LT retains the same ruggedness and the signature all-metal clicker of its older brother. However, that is where the similarities end as the Colorado LT is built with a new aesthetic and modern design evident in its large arbor and highly detailed porting.

Although it is the lightest reel in its class, you will not  nd any plastic here. A super-strong, fully machined aluminum frame and spool are paired with a handle machined from canvas phenolic rod - an industry  rst. This innovative material is found in the handles of high- end custom knives and also has the very useful property of increasing grip when wet.
Adding to its elegant simplicity, the Colorado LT boasts only 15 total parts, all designed, machined, and assembled in Montrose, Colorado USA. This heritage is reflected in the Colorado flag milled into the frame and the mountain silhouette found on the anodized aluminum clicker cover.

All of this thought and attention to detail was put into the Colorado LT so that you will have a simple, elegant reel to use on any  shing adventure. A reel that allows you to focus on your passion and your surroundings, wherever the river may take you.

Retail $285 - $295


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