Hart Montgomery represents Outcast in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

Whether you are looking for a way to spend time with the family, or simply trying to get away from them for a few hours of solitude, Outcast provides our most therapeautic products.  Designed to get you places you couldn't get to before, Outcast Sporting Gear is the leader in personal fishing craft.  

Outcast is the fishing division for AIRE inflatables, combining the inflatable boat technology that has made AIRE the whitewater leader in boat design, Outcast takes personal fishing craft to an all new level.  Whether you are looking for a traditional style pontoon boat, a state-of-the-art frameless personal fishing boat, a large fishing designed raft, or the float tube styles that set the standard in the industry, there is a good chance that one of these products could change your life!   

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In the past years we have heard over and over again that anglers wanted a boat option with no frame.  You asked and boy did Outcast deliver!

Our best seller, at 35lbs the OSG Commander is lightweight and ideal for hard to access put-ins and adventure travel. The overall design includes the best features of a kayak and a rowboat which make it easy to maneuver on both still and moving water. The open-floor cockpit makes fin kicking an option so the angler can fish and guide the boat at the same time.

Retail $999.00

OSG PAC 1400

OSG PAC 1400

Favored by guides all over the world, this 14' fishing raft is the most stable and versatile fishing platform available. The PAC 1400 comes complete with a rower's platform, secure standing decks for bow and stern anglers and can accommodate enough gear for day trips and overnighters. 

Retail $5599.00



Get ample height for greater casting distance and better spotting of rising fish. The boat's small size makes it very responsive when using oars or fins. Compact pontoons and a lightweight frame provide ultimate portability at an affordable price.

Retail $599.00



This manually inflating personal flotation device is perfect for anglers looking for a comfortable, high flotation life jacket. This PFD is USCG approved and one size fits all. We recommend a life jacket be worn whenever you are fishing in or near the water. 

Retail $134.99



These pumps are designed to be as rugged and reliable as your boat! Built using a specially formulated ABS plastic and a streamlined, efficient design. It's no wonder K-Pumps are the top choice of outfitters and seasoned boaters. Each pump includes a storage bag, lubricant and assorted inflation adapters. Made in USA.

Retail $74.99 - $129.99



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