Hart Montgomery Represents AIRE in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

Nestled in the heart of the Boise valley is a small company where boating is the one true passion held by everyone.  AIRE designs, manufactures, and repairs the best inflatables around.  Why do we think that these are the best boats on the market?  Just take a look at any river known for paddeling in our three states of Id, Mt, and WY, and you will find that AIRE boats are the number one choice of outfitters and professionals alike.  We believe that when it comes to inflatables that there are many nice boats out there, however we also believe that AIRE is the best.  No other company can claim to have the best performance, durability, and warranty, not to mention a complete offering of sizes, shapes, and colors.  With a 10 year no fault consumer warranty on our Idaho built products there is no better warranty in the business.

What really sets the performance of these boats apart from the competitors are the the way in which they are built.  Eurethane internal bladders make the boats completely air tight without the need for glues and air holding seems.  They can build a boat faster and better using the best materials available, without blowing the price of the boat out of the water with extra labor costs and time spent trying to make every seem air tight.  This system leads to more reliability in air retention, ease of repairs, rigidity, and the fastest bailing boat on the market.  


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Featured Products

Super Duper Puma

Super Duper Puma

The Super Duper Puma is the best selling crossover boat that we sell in the Northern Rockies!  The versatility and performance that is experienced by both paddle rafters and fishermen alike, is what really makes this boat stand out.  You can fit up to seven people in the boat if you want to paddle. Throw a frame on it and it is our best handling, narrow line boat for three people to fish out of on a skinny river!  This boat really can do it all!

Retail Price   0 thwart price =$3,626.00

                        2 thwart price =$4,094.00

                        3 thwart price =$4,329.00

130 R

130 R

R stands for round - the traditional round boat design. With their broader beams, larger tube diameters, and longer waterlines, these are the most stable of all AIRE rafts. R Series rafts are ideally suited for families with children and epic three-week trips on the Grand Canyon. The 130 R is our most stable paddle boating sized raft and is great with a little day frame for rowing an additional person and a light load of gear. 

Retail Price   0 thwart price = $3,992.00

                        2 thwart price = $4,462.00                                                                                                            

                        3 thwart price = $4,697.00

Outfitter II Inflatable Kayak

Outfitter II Inflatable Kayak

Making room for two, the Outfitter II is a good choice for paddlers seeking extra stability while tandem paddling in whitewater. Its increased diameter tubes and low center of balance is designed to give paddlers confidence and boost their river running skills. The Outfitter II is for you if:  You want a stable two person kayak; You need a big solo kayak for packing lots of gear and equipment.

Retail Price  $1,499.00



Everyone loves to kick back and relax on the river - so why not take a couch? This inflatable seat features two Summit valves, carrying handles and beverage holders on the armrests. You will be the envy of all your friends with the River Couch, a must for any multi-day river adventure.  

Retail Price   $499.00


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P.O. Box 186
Meridian, ID 83680

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